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The Apple of Your Eye – Proverbs 7

The seventh chapter of Proverbs is a warning to a young man to stay away from sexual sin. The initial verses of the chapter supply the defensive strategy that is needed to win the battle against temptation.

“My son, keep my words
and store up my commands within you…
Guard my teachings as the apple of your eye.”
-Proverbs 7:1-2

When we train ourselves to value what is good and right, we gain the strength to win what can be a very difficult battle.

The training consists of constant reminders, daily reading, and surrounding ourselves with people who will uphold us and reinforce us in our convictions.

How important is this? We are to guard these truths as if they were as precious to us as our own eyes.

Where would we be without our eyes? Most of us would be very lost indeed. While many people have learned to cope and even thrive without sight, there is no question that our vision is one of our most valuable survival tools.

Think of all the things you use your eyes for in any given day. As we are guided through our day by our eyes, so should we be guided through the day by the wise teaching of the Bible.

Guard my teachings as the apple of your eye. -Proverbs 7:2

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