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    Psalms – The Treasury of David

    I have started to read The Treasury of David by C.H. Spurgeon. This fascinating commentary on the Psalms dates from 1869, but nonetheless has much to say to me and you in the twenty-first century. Designed to be a help to both ministers and lay people, Spurgeon’s commentary serves up quotes from other scholars such as Martin Luther and Matthew Henry, and summarizes passages succinctly in sidebars labelled “Hints to the Village Preacher.” Psalm One begins with a contrasting description of the one blessed by God. The first verse is a negative description of a godly man; the second verse is a positive description. Here, from the first verse, is…

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    Budgeting Our Attention

    This is the time of year when we take stock of where we’re at as we look at the past year, assess our progress, and plan for the new year to see where we can improve. We scrutinize our budgets, especially at the Christmas spending season, to analyze what went wrong, and to prevent similar mistakes in the new year. While we hope to be careful managing our money, we also need to be especially careful about managing our attention. We have only a limited number of attention units. That is why, in an increasing number of places, there are laws that prohibit talking on a cell phone while driving.…

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    The Hot Coal of Immortality

    Seventeenth century poet and cleric John Donne is one of my favourite writers. Because of his unique perspective, writing four hundred years ago, his poems, prose, and sermons are are adorned with insightful metaphors that delight and challenge the modern reader. The delight is in the insight; the challenge is in deciphering the archaic spelling and cultural references. Donne was a contemporary of Shakespeare, and I am often thankful for the explanatory notes that accompany his writings.