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Breaking the Chains… or Not

Are you raging against God? Have you had it up to your eyeballs with God trying to run your life? Are you looking for a way to get God out of your life forever?

If so, you have a lot in common with those described at the beginning of Psalm 2.

The people here were rebelling against God and his anointed king, David. They were mad as hell. They weren’t going to take it any more.

“Let us break their chains and throw off their shackles,” they said.

How does God respond to all this fist-shaking? He laughs.

It must seem kind of funny to him, that we little humans should think we have it all figured out.

Really, do we think that we could know more than God? Would you or I do a better job of running things?

The book of Job is about people thinking they can put God in a box. As if the creative power behind the universe could ever be predictable. As if we could begin to understand why God does what he does. As if we could claim to have all the answers.

Sometimes life is hard. Sometimes all we can do is cry.

Sometimes all we can do is let God be God. Trust that he knows more than you do about what you need and when you need it. Have a little faith.

Yes, we might be angry. Maybe we might cry for a moment. Weeping may endure for a night. But joy comes in the morning (Psalm 30:5).

Take a deep breath, wipe your tears and trust God. He doesn’t want to wrap you up in chains. He only wants to wrap you in his arms.

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